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Skål International presents the Sustainable Tourism Awards 2022 prioritising sustainability as a key long-term global commitment

05/25/2022 16:40:44 In Skål International News
The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) will be involved in Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards from this year onwards.
Skål International is also continuing its collaboration with Biosphere© and the Responsible Tourism Institute to award the 'Skål Biosphere Sustainable Special Award'.

President Burcin Turkkan at the opening of North America Skål Congress (NASC) in Orlando

05/17/2022 08:36:52 In Skål International News
President Burcin Turkkan addressed the opening of NASC in Orlando, Florida, which took place from 13 to 15 May 2022.

Skål International Executive Board and International Council held their annual Mid-Year meeting

05/13/2022 10:54:41 In Skål International News
Skål International global leaders met in Torremolinos, Spain, to discuss and plan the future for its travel industry members after pandemic