Skål International 90th Anniversary: Message from the General Secretariat

As Skål International commemorates a remarkable 90-year journey, the General Secretariat extends heartfelt congratulations to every member who belongs to this exceptional organisation. This milestone is not only a reflection of an enduring legacy, but also a testament to the vibrant spirit and unwavering commitment that define the essence of Skål International.

For close to a century, Skål International has been a symbol of excellence in the travel and tourism industry, fostering goodwill and friendship across borders. Your dedication has propelled the association to unprecedented heights, making a significant contribution to the global tourism landscape and enriching the professional lives of the membership through unparallel business opportunities.

As we look to the future, may the organisation continue to thrive, embracing new challenges and opportunities with the same enthusiasm and camaraderie that have been the hallmark of its success. May the bonds of fellowship and networking unique to this organisation strengthen and empower the collective effort to make an enduring impact in the industry.

Here's to many more years of success, progress, and unity.

Happy 90 anniversary, Skål International!

Skål International General Secretariat

In celebration of Skål International's 90th Anniversary, our General Secretariat is delighted to share the recipe of the renowned Torta Loca Malagueña.

Skål International General Secretariat, 2024.