The Skål International Club of the Year Award will be governed by the following rules:

Who may enter?

All Skål Clubs worldwide that meet all the requirements listed below. Headquarters will carry on a thorough revision to determine the


The eligible Clubs will be invited to produce a three minute video (preferably published on YouTube), outlining their achievements, initiatives, activities, etc. undertaken during the last year. The videos must be received at not later than 22 July of current year.


Each Club worldwide, including the nominees, will be invited to vote electronically for the Club they consider should be declared winner and will be allowed to vote for a Club in its own country.

Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President and Senior Director will make up a panel of judges to represent the Executive Committee and each of them will vote individually.

If a Club from a country of one of the Vice Presidents and/or Senior Director is among the Clubs nominated to compete, another Director(s), in order of seniority, will deputise.

Clubs will determine 60% of the votes while the Executive Committee will determine 40%.

The Club receiving the highest joint score will be declared ‘Skål Club of the Year’.

The name of the winner will be announced during the Opening Ceremony of the annual Skål World Congress. The Club winner will receive the Michael O’Flynn Perpetual Trophy and a certificate valid for a free Double Congress registration in First Class for the next Skål World Congress, airfare excluded.