Skål International stands in solidarity

As the President of Skål International, which is the largest Organization of the World of Travel and Tourism Professionals, I wish to communicate to the citizens of Australia and China who have been devastated by the fury of Nature and are encountering tremendous hardship that the entire members of the Industry across the globe stand in solidarity with them.

It may not be preposterous to assume that this will affect Travel and Tourism in all countries specially in the current year 2020, which cause may be due to the uncertainty that could be the fall out of the nature of the Coronavirus epidemic across Wuhan. 

Skål International has always emphasized that for the protection and growth of Tourism the members of the Industry and their governments should be sensitive to protecting Environment.

At all times Skål International has emphasized the need of the community to ensure protection of nature as a philosophy and an essential part of the activities of the community in which they exist.

We at Skål International offer our support to Australia who have been devastated by the Bush Fires and to China who have been affected adversely by the Coronavirus epidemic.

We hope that they will get respite from this unfortunate situation and request the members of the Industry across our network to ensure that Tourism is least affected by exchanging positive communication to prospective travellers.

Peter Morrison

President Skål International