Skål International Rome COVID-19 survey: Today for tomorrow

Results of the survey made by Skål International Rome regarding the COVID-19 crisis

The survey took place from 18 to 25 March 2020, with a questionnaire of 10 questions sent to 321 members of Skål International Italy with over 107 responses equal to 33% of the entire universe involved.

The new president of Skål International Rome, Paolo Bartolozzi and the Vice President Tito Livio Mongelli are the authors of the survey.

The survey shows a picture of worried but courageous managers, who focus on the professional skills of their staff. Rather than degrading revenue by lowering rates, they chose to increase training to improve the quality of their product. 

State intervention is required through the reduction of the taxes and administrative burdens but also with innovative marketing tools and targeted interventions to stimulate demand, for example with the widespread use of state holiday vouchers.

These are the three main results of Skål International Rome's research, which has surveyed more than 100 Italian decision-makers from the world of tourist professions:


The systemic and economic crisis in tourism will continue into 2021 while the emergency will consume all or almost the remainder of the year 2020. 


To restart, the focus is on the quality of human resources, training staff and retaining employment, not on lowering prices.


We need state-driven innovative tools to boost demand, such as holiday vouchers, and not just tax reductions.