Skål International calls for diplomacy and peace for global tourism

Skål International, which is the world's broadest association of travel industry leaders with approximately 13,000 members in 100 countries, 323 cities, stands strongly in favor of the use of diplomacy to avoid such conflicts and calls on all nations to use both diplomatic negotiations and the good offices of such organizations as the United Nations to resolve differences.

Peace is the required status for global tourism to thrive in any destination. People only want to travel to places where they feel that they will be safe without the threat of danger, especially those related to any kind of conflict or potential life-threatening actions”, said Burcin Turkkan, World President 2022 at Skål International.

At this time when the world is hopefully recovering from two long years of a pandemic which has disproportionately impacted tourism, Skål International will continue to urge the use of the key tools of bilateral diplomacy and international organization deliberations to achieve a safer and welcoming world.

Daniela Otero, CEO of Skål International, stated that “Skål International will work with its own members to reach out to other organizations to which the members are affiliated to support these principles".

Skål International is an advocate of global tourism, focused on its benefits: happiness, good health, friendship, and long life.