Raising Skål International visibility and leadership

A goal to increase membership and their benefits.

Identifying potential opportunities where our organization can elevate its visibility is an important component to increase membership and, continue giving value to our positioning as leaders in the tourism sector.

A good example of this was President Burcin Turkkan being invited by the Chamber of Commerce of Panama to be opening speaker at the Expo Turismo International trade show in Panama this past month. Not only did President Turkkan give a very powerful message on Skål International its value but, she also addressed important trends and issues affecting and changing the tourism industry today to a vast audience of international players.

While meeting with the Panama Tourism Minister, President Turkkan interviewed him and gave him an opportunity to talk about the highlights of the country turning the meeting into an additional ‘win win’ by demonstrating the value Skål International and its membership can bring to a destination. 

An interview with the largest local newspaper gave President Burcin the opportunity to speak about Skål International, its goals and history as well as the plans and actions in her agenda for this year.

A meeting with the local Skål International Panama was also on the agenda. New members were introduced and much enthusiasm was generated with the work plan for the year.

We should all be on the lookout for opportunities like this in our markets – it will make us a stronger ‘go to organization’ in the industry.

We share with you some pictures of the visit.