Executive Board support for the global COVID-19 situation

Dear Skålleague,

In this really tough time, I want to communicate the Executive Board’s support of you and our confidence in you and the travel industry’s ability to respond and recover from the impacts of this disastrous COVID-19 Virus.

Our major concern is the health and safety of all our Skålleagues, their clients, their families and our employees in our Torremolinos office in Spain. 

We are deeply aware of the economic impact that COVID-19 has already had and will continue to have on your lives, businesses and the global travel world in general. 

Coping with the ongoing uncertainty can be extremely hard and I, the Executive Board and our Spain Team will all do our best to keep you informed and share any updated information we obtain.

Please remember that for more than 86 years, Skål International has helped all our membership recover and thrive after the devastating impact of natural disasters, wars, disease, and other major tragedies. 

Remember we have the Florimond Volckaert Fund that you may be able to apply to.

It is very heartening to see the encouraging health and economic recovery news from China, which I believe hopefully shows that the world is on a path to recovery. This may take some time.

We continue to have our most experienced partners UNTWO, WTTC, PATA, etc. monitoring the fast-changing regulatory and government advisory situation. Please keep in touch with their websites, blogs, and Facebook pages.

I will ensure that we will strive to make the best possible decisions in these challenging times; we deeply appreciate your Skål Membership. Membership of this great organisation is more important now than it has been ever in our great history.

I and the Executive Board wish you all the very best in dealing with this major crisis.

Like you all, we look forward to the return of our great travel industry – one of the best activities people throughout the world can participate in and really enjoy.

Peter Morrison, President Skål International

Kindest and best thoughts to you all.


Peter C Morrison MNZM

President, Skål International 2020