Free online course on Sales Strategies by CETT

100% free online course on sales strategies for Skålleagues

Thanks to the relation between Skål International and CETT 'Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy', we have prepared a 100% free online course on sales strategies for Skålleagues.

CETT University Barcelona is with all our Skålleagues around the globe during COVID-19, so just follow the instructions and have a good time learning and improving your skills!

You can start any time from 27 April till the deadline 30 May.

Teresa Díaz Comas

VP Training and Finances

Skål International

Sales Strategies Course

CETT is still by your side! 

In a competitive environment such as the present one, it is necessary that the professionals who are in contact with the clients of establishments of tourist accommodations, have a series of skills, methods and techniques that allow them to establish an efficient relationship with the clients.

For this reason and the links between Skål International and CETT, we offer you free of charge (with a 100% discount) our 'Sales Strategies Course':

Modality: Online

Hours: 30 hours

Language: English

Tuition fee from: 230 € (100% discount for Skållegaues! Introduce the promotional code SSK100 in your purchase request.)

Start date: 27 April 2020

Skål International School Digital Business Models & Innovation Summer Program

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