Coronavirus Awareness

'Coronavirus Awareness' is a short but comprehensive course on how to prevent, control, communicate and manage coronavirus (COVID-19) incidents in hotels. 

Designed by eHotelier specifically for the hospitality industry, this course is relevant for all hotel and hospitality professionals.

‘Coronavirus Awareness’ is a completely free resource.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • What is coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • Protecting yourself against Coronavirus.

  • Identification and isolation of guests.

  • How to communicate and manage a coronavirus incident in your hotel.

Who should take this course?

Any hospitality professional. This course provides practical information for staff across departments and levels

How can I access the course?

This course is delivered fully online and can be accessed on most devices. Go to eHotelier page to register.

If you have any issues accessing the course, or any further queries, please contact eHotelier.

This course is compatible with Google Translate and all text content can be translated to more than 100 languages.

How long will this course take?

This course will take approx. 20mins.