Skål International heading for a new era: New Governance Plan

A new Governance Plan proposed for the organization was approved by the Skål Clubs’ delegates, which culminates successfully and paves the way to begin the transition to a new era for the largest tourism organization.

I want to be your transformational leader” were the words expressed by President Burcin Turkkan at the beginning of her mandate as she presented her plans for 2022.

After announcing the results, President Turkkan expressed this in a short message to the delegates: “The membership has spoken - Our members have again shown that they are ready for radical change to meet the new world. We are members of #thechangeables and we know that change is not a force to be feared but an opportunity to be seized.

Our organization stands on the cusp of positive evolution and we are excited about the future of our organization as we know that highly successful people are willing to be uncomfortable in the interest of growth.

In response to JFK’s famous quote "if not us who, and if not now, when?", the membership gave the positive affirmation and spoke out loud saying it is us and it is now!

Our members have accepted that the future is now, and the change is here.

Now more than ever it is time to unite, work together to use this change decision as an opportunity to revitalize our organization and make an open in public call for the next generation industry decision makers who are now already in the reigns, to join Skål International, embrace amical and work with us in shaping the next 90 years of our organization working together so we / Skål International can continue to lead as the largest travel and tourism association of the world.

Thank you for your confidence in our new Governance Proposal. I am looking forward to sharing a bright and exciting future with you all”, ended President Burcin Turkkan".