Skål Club of The Year: Nominees and Voting

The 21 nominees to enter the 'Skål Club of the Year 2021/2022' competition are working on the production of a 2:30 minutes video presentation on the club performance from 1 January to 31 December 2021.

They will show the clubs worldwide the initiatives undertaken to recruit/retain members, to promote the Skål International brand or charities or sustainable activities carried out during such a tough year.

Antalya | Turkey

Arkansas | United States

Atlanta | United States


Boise | United States

Broome | Australia

Côte d’Azur | France

Goa | India

Guadalajara | Mexico

Hyderabad | India

Isla Mujeres-Puerto Morelos | Mexico

Melbourne | Australia

Nairobi | Kenya

New Orleans | United States

New York | United States

Queenstown | New Zealand

Tampa Bay | United States

Taxco | Mexico

Te Tauihu | New Zealand

Veracruz | Mexico

Wellington | New Zealand

Important rules to vote

The online voting by eligible clubs worldwide and the Executive Board jury will take place from 15 August to 14 September 2022.

To be eligible to vote, these are the conditions that clubs worldwide must fulfill on 31 July 2022:

  • The balance of membership fees owed to Skål International cannot exceed Euros 200.

  • A minimum of 10 members must be recorded on the Skål International database.

  • Clubs with up to 65 Active/Life/Retired members will be entitled to one vote and those with 66 or more Active/Life/Retired members, will have two votes.

The link to vote will be sent to the club President of those clubs with up to 65 Active, Life, and Retired members. Those clubs with 66 or more Active, Life, and Retired members are entitled to two votes; therefore, the Secretaries of these larger clubs will also receive the voting notice.

Clubs can at any time check their financial status with Skål International through the Officers Platform and they are required to select the members for whom payment is being made, so these receive the virtual membership card. An orientation video can be consulted here.

The jury on behalf of the Executive Board will be made up by Director Marja-Eela Kaskinen, Director Annette Cardenas and CEO Daniela Otero.

Winner’s announcement

The new 'Skål Club of the Year' will be announced during the 2022 Skål International World Congress to be held in October in Kvarner, Croatia.

The lucky winner will receive a certificate valid for a free double Congress registration in First Class for the 2023 Skål International World Congress. Airfare excluded.

We wish the nominees the best of luck for the competition and encourage all clubs worldwide to be among the eligible clubs to vote.

For any query, please contact us.