November'22 Message from the President

Burcin Turkkan

Skål International World President, 2022

Dear Skålleagues,

It’s a cliché to say this but I will still say it – I really cannot believe how time went by so fast! 

We are at month 11 of my Presidency and I have by the time this newsletter comes out possible less than 40 days left to complete my term and I am continuing to serve you the best possible way to accomplish all the promises and related tasks along with the support of my Executive Board before I end my term in December 31, 2022.

As you know with the approval of the new governance plan that will become effective as of 2024, we have a more important task to accomplish ahead of us which is the execution of these proposed changes. To be able to have a full and successful execution and smooth transition is needed. For that, Skål International only has 12 months starting as of November 15, 2022.

As we all know, success is only achieved through collaboration and applied ideas. For this purpose, during the Skål International Executive Board meeting on November 15, 2022, I have initiated the New Governance Transition Committee. This Committee will follow the proposed 12 months agenda to assist the 2023 Executive Board and the Skål International Headquarters to secure a smooth transition with proper preparation of necessary logistics and training needed by Clubs, National and Area Committees worldwide.

The New Governance Transition Committee has 16 Skålleagues selected to bring their expertise to the committee for execution of the new governance plan representing various continents where Skål International exists.

At this time, we are working on transitioning to a new IT company that will solve our issues we have been experiencing on our digital platforms to make sure that we can turn the 25% engagement of our members at our website and digital platforms to 100% engagement. This will unfortunately not be completed before the end of this year but at the end of the first quarter we should be seeing significant changes in this area as well that will go hand in hand with the transition in year of 2023.

Finally, I would like to ask Skålleagues who still have not downloaded the #SkalApp to please go to your App Store for iPhone* or Google Play (Android)** and download the Skål International App. The app works very well and all updates are featured on this platform including the next World Congress that will take place in Quebec City as well as the new training videos issued by the Training & Education Committee. Also keep in mind that the app allows you to create your own connection list among Skålleagues and interact on the app as well. So don’t wait and tune in today!

As always, your Skål International Executive Board and I are always here to assist you in any way we can, so please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions, concerns, or feedback. It is always our pleasure to assist you.

Always, in friendship and Skål,

Burcin Turkkan

Skål International World President, 2022

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