Nahid Olfati, Talented Skålleague

Nahid Olfati

Skål International San Francisco

Congratulations to Nahid Olfati, member of Skål International San Francisco on celebrating her 50th anniversary in the organisation!

Nahid Olfati first joined Skål International Tehran in 1972 and very quickly became a valuable member.

From 2010 to 2012 she was a Regional Vice President of Skål International USA and became President of Skål International San Francisco in 2016.

Nahid has attended 23 Skål International World Congresses, 11 North America Skål International Congresses and 6 Skål International USA National Meetings.

Ms. Olfati holds a Masters Degree in Management Administration from the University of Tehran and is the owner of Asseman Travel Agency.

Nahid is a true Skålleague who has proven her loyalty to our organization in so many ways over the years.

Congratulations Nahid!

Nahid Olfati at Mexico City World Congress.
Nahid Olfati at Skål International Paris 80th Anniversary.
Nahid Olfati inducted Skål International San Francisco President.