Message from Juan Ignacio Steta, International Skål Councillor Mexico

Juan Ignacio Steta

International Skål Councillor Mexico

“Good things are born from great tragedies”

I don’t know who wrote this, but I think in Skål International this is quite true.

Notwithstanding the very difficult times that we are all facing, one of our toast words: friendship has now, more than ever, become a true Skål International spirit.

From what I have learned, all around the world we have become more united than ever.  Virtual meetings and gatherings are now part of our lives.  We have learned to be closer and there is a great deal of awareness about other Skålleagues needs. Many more people are participating in our Club, National and/or Area Meetings, and many are waiting for our weekly or fortnight gathering toast.

Everybody is obviously concerned about their company or job, but at the same time are very eager to help a Skålleague in disgrace. The Skål International spirit is not only there, but we have also joined forces to provide medical equipment to hospitals, food pantries to waiters and hospitality workers that have lost their jobs, and food for those in need.

Friendship and solidarity have made us stronger. The pride and feel of accomplishment seen in the faces of those Skålleagues when delivering goods to Hospitals, pantries to waiters, and food to poor communities, makes me feel very, very proud to be part of this organisation.

Yes, I know, we will lose an important number of members, but I’m convinced that it is not because they want to leave Skål International, it’s because they are facing quite difficult times. This is something that is worrisome and, thus, I can assure you that starting at club level all the way to the top, ideas are being presented and actions developed to stop this quite unfortunate fact. And it is not because the numbers will drop, it is because we are having friends go. Someone may reply: “Come on, a true friend is always a friend”… Yes, you are quite right, but this pandemic has taught us the value of being together. Something that also has had a very important impact in our family’s ties.

Family, friendship and solidarity are more than ever valued in our hearts and thoughts, so you see:

Good things are born from great tragedies”.

Yours in Skål,

Juan Ignacio Steta

International Skål Councillor Mexico