February'20 Technological Challenges

A few days ago, I had the privilege of participating as a guest in a seminar under the theme 'Political, economic and technological changes in the coming years in the Tourism sector'. A conference that counted with the participation of more than 100 executives and businessmen, which allowed the exchange of experiences between the Tourism industry, both in the public and private sectors.

During the seminar, different examples were presented of companies and organizations that are implementing the same new technology developments and are experiencing the same challenges that we are currently facing within our organization.

We discussed how important it is to make the decision and take the first step in these technological transformations because it does not only involve the use of substantial economic capital, but also the involvement of human resources and the extra time devoted to the new platforms.

I am very satisfied with the high level of involvement of many of our members and supporters. The implementation phase of the system is practically in the final phase but now the challenge awaits us to manage with intelligence, commitment and vision the new stage that is now beginning.

We hope that all members will be committed to nurturing this new tool with valuable data and information for the organization and that they will have an open mind to experience working in a different way… This is a great opportunity for Skål International.

This is just the beginning. We all need to get involved!

Members, officers who perform tasks in Clubs, National or Area Committees and the General Secretariat staff are crucial for the success of this project. We must become familiar with the new system, make it our own and, and as the technicians say, "let the project finally be implemented".

Please do not be discouraged, it is true that the new platform will demand an additional effort from all of us (like any change does), but in a short time, we will see the enormous possibilities and services that this new tool will provide.

In March we will finish the web in Spanish and French and the corresponding tutorials to facilitate the use of the new platform. First, the complete platform has to be finalised in English, to allow a period of time for testing, corrections and improvements and then proceed with the translation into French and Spanish.

In April, Clubs and National Committees will receive several options to decide if they want to join our new global network and how they want their websites to be developed.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the valuable contribution made by Skål International Canada, which has been helping us from the beginning with its professional contributions.

In this section, you will find a series of videos that may be of help and guidance to better understand how to use the new platform.

Thank you, Denis Smith.

We really appreciate all your support!

Member's Tutorials

Officer’s Tutorials

Daniela Otero

CEO Skål International