August'20 Message from the President

Peter C Morrison MNZM

President Skål International 2020

The last 5 months have turned all of our lives upside down as we have all gone through this continuing evolving COVID- 19 environment. Something we have never seen before in our lifetimes.

At Skål International we too have been impacted by these challenging times. Thank you to all our members for recognising these challenges and supporting your clubs, National and Area Committees and our great team in Torremolinos.

Prior to COVID-19, Skål International had embarked on a three-year transformation of our IT. This was to modernise and allow and empower our members to take full advantage of our theme of ‘Connecting Tourism Globally’. We have updated and repositioned our website so it is capable in this ‘new normal’.

As part of this, you will see some changes in our offering, such as more online learning, webinars and development opportunities. This will define our future; creating our organisation to be a more streamlined and connected operation.

Please remember that you as members will always be at the centre of all that we do and our activities will continue to reflect that. Our advocacy with UNWTO, The Code, PATA, World Trade Shows and others will ensure that your businesses will succeed as we move back into normalcy.

The Executive Board are confident that any changes we make (such as tweaks to the By-Laws) will help us to operate a lot more efficiently and enable us to be more resilient and move positively into the next phase of our great Skål International history.

Travel restrictions are the most immediate problem facing the aviation, travel, accommodation and Tourism sectors that we represent. They continue to have a severe impact on all our members and the global economy. Travel accounts for 10% of this global economy!!

Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that these restrictions are not sustainable. 

I could not agree more!

I don’t think people are looking at the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive” –Joseph Campbell.  

Travel is being alive!!

A sincere thank you for your valued membership with Skål International - we greatly appreciate your ongoing relationship to ensure we can continue to deliver support and value to all our members globally.

Yours in Skål!

Peter Morrison MNZM

President Skål International 2020