April'21 Message from the President


Bill Rheaume

President, Skål International

Leadership in Skål International

I’m often asked about what it’s like to be the President of Skål International and what we do at the Executive Board level.  

Well, I start with the fact that it is an honor as well as a responsibility. The Executive subscribes to a Board Governance model, defined as ‘an organized group with the authority to control and foster an organization that is administered by a qualified CEO and staff’.

The role of the Executive Board is to work together strategically and collaboratively as a team on global issues rather than focus on operational issues. We are responsible for developing policies, procedures, and goals to guide Skål International’s direction, as well as foster friendship and mutual understanding, while maintaining the value of membership.

Leadership is not about titles or power but taking responsibility for recognizing and developing the potential in people and ideas. Strong leadership is required for optimal success and to successfully navigate all the distractions. 

We are a people business, we must support and cultivate a culture of inclusivity with diverse perspectives, building trust within the team so we can deliver performance with continuous improvement. Having a seat at the table means nothing if you are unwilling to express your point of view or your opinion is not valued. 

As President, I lead the team. We don’t pretend to have all the right answers, but we make decisions based on the best information available in the best interests of the organization. 

I love this quote:

‘If you want to go fast… go alone;

If you want to go far… go together!’


Bill Rheaume

President, Skål International