The success story of Skål International Nice Côte d'Azur

Skål International Nice Côte d'Azur was created on August 10, 1933 by Camille Mathez and Henri Tschann.

Bringing together tourism professionals from the Alpes Maritimes department in France, this club has since experienced mixed fortunes and a membership that never exceeded 50 members.

In 2018, the structure even almost disappeared, with only 9 members left. That year saw the arrival of the new president Nicolle Martin, who had spent her entire career as a marketing manager in charge of promoting the city of Nice. Her in-depth knowledge of the department's tourism network, her dynamism and the actions implemented by the new club management staff led to a total inversion of the rhythm of memberships, including during the pandemic when contact was maintained by newsletters, webinars and monthly speed business sessions.

The club has now reached a record number of 200 members, representing the 40 tourism professions identified by Skål International.

The reasons for this success are manifold. They relate mainly to targeted and frequent communication actions (monthly newsletter, daily publications on social networks), the organization of one event per month on a given theme related to tourism (this one welcomes an average of 100 members and 14 journalists), permanent attention to members and their news (anniversaries, display of their offers on our networks).

Finally, the Skål International Côte d'Azur website has developed several sections for members (job offer and application page, or a success stories related to the links forged between Skålleagues).

A dynamic that feeds on many projects to come!