The positive effects of good communication between Skål International clubs

Rapid response to provide accommodation for Ukrainian refugees

At the request of Skål International Madrid and the ‘Turismo Solidario’ association, Skål International Paris, thanks to its partnership with the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, was able to find in less than 24 hours accommodation in 2 hotels in Roissy (‘Holiday Inn Express’ and ‘Holiday In’, a brand new 4* hotel to be opened in September 2022), to welcome women and their children from Ukraine.

Thank you to Corinne Menegaux, Nicolas Lemouchoux, of course Laure-Hélène Robertet, and the Director of the Holiday Inn Express for having offered room and food to these women and children, and to our colleague Renate Wagon who accompanied Skål International Paris President Karine Coulanges on the morning of 17 March.

The hotel offered them a good meal and rooms to rest before setting off for Madrid, where they were welcomed by the Skål International Madrid President Francisco Rivero.

As good news never comes alone, Karine Coulanges met up with a former colleague from Marriott, who has become General Manager of the Holiday Inn hotel and has since joined Skål International Paris.