Skål International Paris continues to support communities and charities

Since 2019, Skål International Paris has been sponsoring the CAPEN: ‘Active Hearts For Nepal Children’. 

€1,000 donated to CAPEN, used as follows: sponsorship of 10 girls from the Sunkhani School at 25€/year (i.e., 250€), and 750€ which was used to buy a computer for the school.                                                                                                 

Skål International also donated €500 for the 2nd major heart operation on little seven-year-old Aayush Tamang, which saved his life!  He had already undergone his first major operation in 2016. Today Aayush has returned to everyday life, smiling and working well at school.

Skål International also donated €100 for the production of cloth sanitary towels for young girls...

Thanks to our donation, the 71 sponsored children from this school received many school supplies (books, notebooks, pencils, erasers, rulers, kits, and school bags. 

The Director of the Janiang School, the first school-sponsored by CAPEN, has sent the list of children who have managed to move up to the higher classes. In addition to the three 2nd year university students (three girls and three boys) in class 12 (final year), future baccalaureate holders. Bravo for these good results.

In 2020, Skål International Paris renewed its support, which enabled the purchase of school uniforms and supplies (see photos).

Several Paris Club Skålleagues have joined Yann Martin, Karine, and Alain Coulanges and have personally sponsored children, and we thank them for this. With the sponsorship money paid directly to the schools, the purchase of uniforms, school equipment, and small pieces of furniture was made possible.

CAPEN today, 181 children have been helped with 93 'godparents'.

The Sunkhani school was inaugurated. It is beautiful, and the Japanese NGO built also provided all the desks and tables in each classroom...

2021: Skål International Paris has renewed its partnership this year, and this donation allows the ten sponsored girls to continue their schooling in the right conditions.

As President of Skål International Paris, I would like our Nepalese Skål International friends to join us to help and support this association and our actions by being a local relay on the spot to help these children and provide logistical support, and in particular to follow and help the three students who are at the University of Kathmandu and the next ones to come and study there. If other Clubs want to join us to give a future to these children, they are welcome. I am at their disposal for any information,” said Karine Coulanges – President of Skål International Paris.