Skål International Mexico Newsletter - March'22

This March is International Women's Day... it is worth mentioning that in Skål International Mexico we proudly have 134 women who are part of our organisation and in our country, the tourism industry is the second activity that offers more employment to women with 58.4%.

Skål International Mexico is committed to the Florimond Fund, which provided Skål International with the corresponding income of 3108.00 Euros. The fund was created in 1954, in honour of the founder of Skål International, Florimond Volckaert, which provides a source of international aid to members and their families in need of support and/or assistance.

Our next National Assembly will be next month 22-24 April 2022 in Valle de Guadalupe, hosted by Founding President Daniel Sanchez, Skål International Ensenada - Valle Vitivinícolas who will be welcoming us. Follow link to participate and register.

Congratulations to the clubs of Skål International Guadalajara 344 celebrating 52 years, and Skål International Isla Mujeres - Puerto Morelos for their 5th anniversary.

You can read the Skål International Mexico March Newsletter following this link (in Spanish):

Best wishes and see you next month!

Jane Garcia

President Skål International Mexico