Skål International Mexico nationwide activities

Skål International Mexico confirms nationwide activities which promotes general integration between the 23 clubs are taking place and would like to share the following club activities hosted in the last few weeks:

Viernes Social (Social Friday)

'Viernes Social' was launched a few months ago by our fellow members Juan Carlos Mondragón (Past President of Skål International Guadalajara) and Víctor Ardon (Founding Partner of Skål International Guanajuato). The event takes place every Friday at 8PM via Zoom and which Skål International members join in, not just from Mexico, but from other parts of Latin America.

On Friday the 26th of June, one of the activities was hosted by members of Skål International Mexico City, consisting of a tour around the city’s cantinas. Turnout was very high, and each week features a different theme.

Skål International Los Cabos 645:

Skål International Los Cabos continues to support the community during the pandemic and has provided 200 food packages to those in need with the help of the Alianza Comunitaria de BCS A.C. (Baja California Sur Community Alliance).

Skål International Guadalajara 344:

Skål International Guadalajara celebrated its 50th birthday by hosting a meetup, both physically at different locations around the city and virtually, bringing together all of its partners to celebrate, mingle and share in the message of its current President, Jorge Berrio:

Today, at Skål International Guadalajara 344, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founding. Not even the tough circumstances that tint our days grey were able to prevent us from a well-deserved celebration. 

The concept: A sous-vide dinner at home. 

The logistics: each Skål International member receives a box at home containing delicious meats to try. 

The pairing: a bottle of delicious El Caporal Mexican wine produced at Hacienda Guadalupe, Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, and specially labelled to commemorate the club’s Gold Anniversary.

Nearly 60 meals were delivered to different locations around the city almost simultaneously, in less than two hours. 

Your hosts: Chef Karla Kastro and Víctor Martínez, a dear friend of Casa Sauza (Tequila) and its restaurant, La Cueva de Don Cenobio.

My sincerest thanks to the members of my Board for helping to take care of every single detail associated with this wonderful gourmet experience. Skål!!!!!"

Skål International Puebla 559:

Skål International Puebla held its first work meeting with Vanessa Barahona de la Rosa, the new office bearer of the new Secretariat of Tourism for the State of Puebla on the 9th of July, three days after her appointment. Skål International President José Rosales and others from Puebla Tourism’s sector were also in attendance.

The Club and members remain highly active with their monthly board meetings and, last 22nd, a meeting was held virtually as safe distances continue to be maintained.

Skål International Riviera Maya:

June 2020 Riviera Maya Club Lunch 

Location: Barceló Riviera Maya  |  Host: Miguel Ángel Guardado  |  Date: 18th of June, 2020 

A taste of ‘going back to the new normality’! Finally, after 3 months of ‘virtual’ Skål International lunches due to the COVID-19 crisis, our Riviera Maya Club Lunch was hosted at the Barceló Riviera Maya by our dear Miguel Ángel Guardado. Of course, social distancing measures were implemented, and no outside guests were invited, but that didn’t stop our great club from having a wonderful time meeting in person. 

As always at the Barceló Riviera Maya, the food, service, location, and atmosphere were impeccable. Thank you, Miguel Ángel! 

Skål International Ixtapa:

Skål International Ixtapa 646 recently celebrated its 22nd birthday with a fundraiser hosted by its President, Pompeyo Saldaña, donating 120 facemasks and 120 pieces of protective eyewear to Dr Óscar Maciel Reséndiz, President of the Colegio Médicos Multidisciplinario de Zihuatanejo (Zihuatanejo College of Multidisciplinary Doctors).

Skål International Isla Mujeres – Puerto Morelos:

Several members and partners of Skål International Isla Mujeres-Puerto Morelos 723 met on the last Friday of June for a small gathering, both in person and virtually.

Skål International Cozumel: 

Skål International Cozumel held a virtual French wine-tasting event, presided by Marcos Rojas! Skål!!