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Skål International Puebla

Skål International Puebla continues to keep its distance to face the COVID-19 situation. 

Members of the Club are constantly updating on issues related to the vision of the tourism industry in Puebla and throughout Mexico. They have been active in improving tourism products, through certifications, courses, interviews, and videos that demonstrate that Puebla is preparing to receive travellers.

On Wednesday, 02 September, Skål International Puebla #559 held the traditional Chile en Nogada dinner at the Casa Reyna boutique hotel, the first meal where guests attended in person. The special guest on this occasion was Vanessa Barahona De la Rosa, Secretary of Tourism for the State of Puebla, cautiously proceeding with the implementation of the healthy social distancing protocol. Other guests were Alan Verduzco Avalos, the Director of Tourism Planning and Development for the state of Puebla. Carlos Alberto Andrade Camacho, the Club Vice-President and the Secretary Joaquín Carreño y Romani participated from the City of Querétaro. Members of the Taxco Club were present, Nau Aguilera / the President of Taxco, the President of the Veracruz Club Miguel Ángel Gutierrez de Velasco Hoyos, Juan Carlos Marquinez and from Mexico City, Santiago Nales and his wife. The clubs are twinned with Puebla.  

The anniversary of Skål International Puebla is approaching on 23 September, which will be its 34th anniversary. 

Skål International Mexico City

Our Club in its glad rags... celebrating its 70th anniversary!

These have been difficult times... the closure and decline in the activity of our businesses have been felt very strongly by many of us. 

However, technology has enabled us to stay in contact with each other via virtual meetings, which we call 'Tequila Time Wednesdays', which were supplemented soon after with general talks. These talks allowed us to travel without leaving home and to get to know our city from another perspective, with virtual tours. Our club gave more than 12 talks, ranging from cooking classes to virtual tours and cultural talks.  

Some talks were given by Skålleagues from Mexico City with over 50 participants via zoom.

Social work 

Among other activities, our Club has conducted excellent social work led by our Skålleague and International Consultant Juan I. Steta, with the support of several Skålleagues from our club and a donation was made on behalf of Skål International Mexico City through the 'Protect Our Doctors' campaign.

Juan I. Steta, International Consultant.
Juan I. Steta, International Councillor.
‘Protect our Doctors’ Donation Campaign
‘Protect our Doctors’ Donation Campaign

So August arrived... 

In the midst of it all, our club celebrated with an Anniversary meal last August at the Hacienda de Los Morales, bringing together several Past Presidents of the Club and its membership. Ricardo Córdova, the current President, harked back to the beginnings of the Club and recalled the names of the founders, as well as the Presidents who have shaped the history of these first 70 years of life

We have many events scheduled to continue celebrating our anniversary, we will only be waiting for the situation to permit it. Meanwhile, we send a Skål to all clubs around the world, wishing them health, happiness, friendship and long life, SKÅL!!

Skål International Guadalajara

The monthly in person meal for the month of August held by International Skål International Guadalajara was celebrated at the PALCCO (Palace of Culture and Congresses).

It was hosted by Liliana Sarabia, Secretary of the club, who organised a safe event and implemented healthy social distancing and hygiene measures. It was a three-course meal with live music.

Skål International Isla Mujeres – Puertos Morelos 

We had the first face-to-face regulatory meeting on 28 August, with 18 people participating. 

The important part was coming together after many months without seeing one another!

Skål International Manzanillo – Costa Alegre 

They enjoyed their meal in early September!


Skål International Tijuana – Ensenada

Skål International Tijuana - Ensenada on its 36th anniversary, presided over by Carlos Cruz.

"On a day like today, in 1984, businessman Kurt Honold, the owner of Viajes Honold's, received the charter where he was appointed a Founding Member of Skål Club #529 Tijuana-Ensenada".