Skål International London April-June'22 events

Skål International London members enjoyed a ‘Blooming’ fun time at our April team building event thanks to our member, Luca Monti, and his wonderful team at The Factory, at 100 Kellogg Lane.

Giggling moments in the Mystery Escape Room, delicious food at the Canteen and great shopping at the Spring Market - priceless!

The Factory is a must-do attraction in London, Ontario. With so many attractions to choose from, there’s something for everyone. This all-in-one indoor entertainment centre has everything from hight ropes and ziplines to a trampoline park and mystery escape rooms.

Left to right: Skål International Members Dan McGrath, Timon Fessahaye, Luca Monti Claudia Neville.
Left to right: Luca Monti (board member), Georgia Raso (president), Timon Fessahaye (board member), Dan McGrath, Gary (guest), Bryan Lavery, Nadia McCormack-McIntyre, Slena D’Oria (guest), Meaghan Holder (guest), Holly Doty, Tori Lynn Hill (guest), Lovedeep Signg (guest).

Forest City Culinary Experiences / Blackfriars Bistro & Catering

Skål International London members and guests were treated to an authentic ‘Forest City Experiences’ with a fun interactive ‘Heritage Scavenger Hunt’ before our delicious Blackfiars Bistro & Catering.

A big thank you for our members, Bryan Lavery (Culinary Director - Forest City Culinary Experiences) and Emanuela Frongia (Owner - Blackfriars Bistro & Catering).

Bryan Lavery and his team offer a wide range of food and gastronomic tasting experiences in Downtown London, Blackfriars/Petersville and a number of surrounding neighbourhoods in the Forest City - London Ontario.

Left to right: Emanuela Frongia (member), Adam Garba (guest), Bonnie Garba (guest), Gemma Bellekom (members), Nadia McCormack-McIntyre (member), Claudia Neville (member), Natalie Wakabayashi (guest), Bryan Lavery (member).
Left to right:  Bryan Lavery, Georgia Raso, Emanuela Frongia.

Left to right: Emanuela Frongia (member), Georgia Raso (president).

Left to right: Georgia Raso (president), Bryan Lavery (member).

Blackfriars Bistro & Catering is a celebrated farm to table restaurant situated close to the Blackfriars Bridge offering seasonal menus, dining, pop-ups & a new brick and mortar pantry/lauder right next door.

That evening we officially welcomed our newest members, Bryan Lavery and Emanuela Frongia during the membership induction ceremony.

Skål International London June Dinner at Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre

Skål International London members enjoyed a memorable dinner meeting at Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre on June 13, 2022.

Our host for the evening was Sean Palmer, General Manager. Housed in a Georgian manor situated on 30 beautifully landscaped acres of parkland, Ivey’s residential executive centre is minutes from Western University and the Ivey Business School.

Members and guests were treated to an unforgettable hospitality and culinary experience as they dined in style, surrounded by the elegance of the Georgian mansion.

That evening we officially welcomed our member, Sean Plamer, during the long-awaited membership induction ceremony.

Left to right: Claudia Neville (member), Karen Dowhan (member), Gemma Bellekom (board member), Georgia Raso (president).

Left to right: Timon Fessahaye (board member), Sean Palmer (member), Georgia Raso (president), Gemma Bellekom (board member).

Left to right: Paulo Braco (guest), Sean Palmer (member), Timon Fessahaye (board member), Gerry Champagne (member).