Skål International Kvarner & Skål International Zagreb discovering Kvarner’s best kept secret

Based on the Skål International's slogan ‘Doing business among friends’, Skål International Kvarner through the program ‘Kvarner's best kept secrets’ organizes for members visits and presentations of the new tourist facilities and products as well as the cultural and natural heritage of Kvarner region.

On May 19th 2022, members of Skål International Kvarner and their guests from Skål International Zagreb visited the new museum of Sugar Refinery Palace in Rijeka, opened in 2020.

The permanent holdings of the City Museum showcase many valuable and interesting exhibits that are emblematic for Rijeka, such as the first torpedo in the world, the Naval Academy, Rijeka as an emigration port, the history of the city theatre, the skyscrapers in Rijeka, music, rock in Rijeka, the history of large companies in Rijeka – the Paper Factory, the Tobacco Factory…

Sugar Refinery Palace in Rijeka is certainly one of the most interesting attractions of the city of Rijeka that will, with the town of Opatija, host this October Skållegues from all over the world during the Skål International World Congress.

The organization of the Skål International World Congress is going according to plan, there is a large number of inquiries from interested members of Skål International and we look forward to success and meeting with friends from around the world”, said President of Skål International Kvarner Tamara Černeka and former President of Skål International Nik Račić.