Skål International Goa initiatives to offer help to people in need

Skål International Goa donated 200 PPE gowns to the Hospital at the South Goa District.

Skål International India Councillor Mario Sequeira presented, on behalf of Skål International Goa, presented gowns for the fight against COVID-19 to Dr. Aira Almeida at the Hospicio District Hospital, at the South Goa, in the presence of Dr. Anish Lawande.

Sk. Mario Sequeira, Dr. Aira Almeida & Dr. Anish Lawande at South Goa District Hospital.

Skål International Goa President, Ernest Dias, and past President Charles Bonifacio, handed over another lot of PPE to Dr. Guru at Goa Medical College which houses the COVID-19 treatment facility.

Sk. Charles Bonifacio, Sk. Ernest Dias, Sk. Shekhar Divadkar with Dr. Guru of Goa Medical College.

Resort Lagoa Azul Management, and some British and Indian neighbours have contributed 1400 pounds for food assistance to migrants in Arpora. We have distributed 250 food packages, with enough food for one week per person, and have prepared 500 packages to be distributed weekly.

This are Skål International Goa initiatives for offering relief for the needy.