Skål International Europe 2022-2023 highlights and achievements

Skål International Europe, the vibrant continental chapter of Skål International, has been on a mission to support member clubs, promote sustainable tourism, foster knowledge sharing, organize exciting B2B activities, and empower young professionals in the tourism industry.

Get ready to dive into the exciting highlights and achievements of Skål International Europe during the incredible 2022-2023 period!

1. Supporting Skål International Bucharest for Ukraine

When Skål International Bucharest faced the refugee crisis in Ukraine, Skål International Europe stepped up to the plate. Led by the inspiring Florin Tancu, President of Skål International Bucharest, they rallied members and raised over 20,000 Euros in donations. The generosity of the Skål International Europe community made a significant impact, providing vital support to the affected communities. It's truly a testament to their commitment to humanitarian causes.

2. Sustainable Tourism in the Spotlight

Skål International Europe went all-in on sustainable tourism during this period. President Franz Heffeter and his team didn't just talk the talk; they walked the walk. Through 41 captivating articles, 3 eye-opening webinars, and insightful interviews with industry stakeholders, they educated members about sustainable practices. Their goal? To inspire clubs and destinations to embrace sustainability wholeheartedly. They even launched the 'Visit Europe With Skål' website's Sustainability Examples category, led by the talented Paolo Bartolozzi, emphasizing the importance of responsible tourism. Not stopping there, Skål International Europe proudly organized the Skål International Europe Sustainable Tourism Awards, recognizing and celebrating outstanding contributions to sustainable travel. It's evident that sustainability is more than a buzzword for Skål International Europe; it's a passionate commitment that shines through their impactful publications.

3. Academy of Knowledge

Skål International Europe's Academy initiative, masterfully spearheaded by the visionary Tito Livio Mongelli, set out to share knowledge among members. In collaboration with the tech-savvy Paolo Bartolozzi, they organized 17 fascinating articles and 4 captivating webinars in 2023, attracting participants from all corners of the globe. These engaging sessions covered an array of topics, from sustainable tourism practices to cutting-edge technology (yes, even artificial intelligence and startups!) and the latest tourism trends. By fostering knowledge exchange, the Academy ignited innovation and the adoption of best practices within the Skål International Europe community. Mongelli and Bartolozzi's dedication to providing invaluable educational opportunities truly paid off, creating a culture of continuous learning.

4. Presidents Unite

President Franz Heffeter brought Skål International Europe's Club presidents and delegates together for six game-changing online meetings. These dynamic gatherings served as a platform for open discussions on the hottest topics, development opportunities, and groundbreaking B2B formats. Notably, the brilliant minds behind Skål International Europe introduced innovative collaborations like 'Italy meets Germany' and 'Italy meets South France'. These unique B2B formats, spearheaded by Heffeter and the visionary Francisco Rivero, Vice President in charge of Spain, sparked cross-club and cross-country partnerships like never before. Skål International Europe went the extra mile, actively promoting unforgettable activities such as the adrenaline-fueled Alpen and Rome Golf Challenges, club anniversaries, and exciting local events. They even facilitated the sharing of Skål International stands at trade shows, proving their unwavering commitment to boosting members' exposure and networking opportunities. Through these initiatives, President Heffeter and his talented team fostered a vibrant spirit of collaboration and engagement among member clubs.

5. AGA Extravaganza

Skål International Europe didn't hold back when it came to their Annual General Assemblies (AGAs). They organized two unmissable gatherings during the reporting period. The first AGA, held in Croatia in 2022, provided a platform for passionate members to discuss crucial matters and make collective decisions. But hold on, the excitement doesn't end there! Skål International Europe has another showstopper up their sleeve—the second AGA, slated for November 2023 in beautiful Malaga. This AGA is not your average meeting; it's an electrifying elective general assembly where members get to choose their future leaders. And the best part? Skål International Europe ensured that all members could participate free of charge, embracing inclusivity and active engagement. With President Heffeter leading the charge, rest assured that these essential events will be executed flawlessly.

6. B2B Buzz

Skål International Europe took their 'Visit Europe With Skål' website, which was initiated under the visionary presidency of Eric Etienne, to exhilarating new heights. Led by the dynamic Franz Heffeter, they expanded the platform to include exciting categories like Sustainability Examples and Technology companies. Georgeta Greco, the remarkable International Councilor, played a pivotal role in promoting these thrilling B2B activities. With new listings constantly being added, the platform provided Skål International members with direct visibility, bolstering membership development and retention. But that's not all! Skål International Europe didn't miss a beat when it came to destination promotion. They tantalized members with captivating webinars and enticing content on their website. President Heffeter and his talented team truly embodied their commitment to enhancing members' visibility and opening doors to exciting business opportunities.

7. Golf Galore

Skål International Europe knows how to swing it! They actively championed three major golf events that were open to all Skål International members: San Gallen in Switzerland, Brussels, and Rome. President Heffeter recognized the power of networking and the magic of camaraderie among members in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. These remarkable golf events showcased Skål International Europe's dedication to fostering a strong sense of community and friendship among their vibrant membership.

8. Celebrating Success

Skål International Europe loves to cheer for success! They celebrated clubs and national committees that embraced innovative club management models that went beyond the traditional monthly luncheons. Through captivating articles featuring Skål International Suisse and Skål International Cote d'Azur, Skål International Europe shared inspiring examples of how clubs can think outside the box. Their unwavering dedication to promoting fresh approaches and encouraging best practices truly shines through these success stories.

9. Empowering the Future

The European Young Skål project was a force to be reckoned with under the exceptional leadership of Georgeta Greco. A passionate group of members tirelessly worked towards establishing the European House for Young Skål. This empowering platform aimed to provide young professionals with a launchpad to grow and thrive in the exhilarating tourism industry. Two insightful surveys, overseen by the remarkable Tito Livio Mongelli, gathered valuable insights to tailor initiatives and meet the needs of the young Skål population. Skål International Europe's commitment to nurturing young talent undeniably demonstrated its dedication to shaping the future of the industry.

10. Publication Powerhouse

Skål International Europe turned heads with their extraordinary publication efforts, leaving other Skål International entities in awe. Paolo Bartolozzi and David Fontanella, the driving forces behind their social media presence, dazzled readers with a staggering 49 articles in 2022. And guess what? They didn't stop there! In the first semester of 2023, they kicked it up a notch, wowing readers with a staggering 78 articles. These captivating publications were valuable resources, packed with industry insights, best practices, and exciting updates on Skål International Europe's thrilling activities. The team's unwavering dedication and commitment to consistently sharing informative content showcased their passion for supporting members' professional growth and development.

Skål International Europe Executive Board

Skål International Europe's 2022-2023 activities were an exhilarating whirlwind of support for member clubs, promotion of sustainable tourism, knowledge exchange, exciting B2B activities, and empowering young professionals.

The incredible dedication and leadership of President Franz Heffeter, Vice Presidents Tito Livio Mongelli and Francisco Rivero, International Councilor Georgeta Greco, David Fontanella, and Paolo Bartolozzi were pivotal to their success.

As Skål International Europe sets its sights on the future, they aim to build a wider and more inclusive board of directors, fostering collaboration and addressing emerging topics like technology, startup support, art and culture, sustainable practices, and educational programs.

The commitment demonstrated by the Skål International Europe community lays a solid foundation for continued growth and success.

Get ready to join the vibrant journey ahead!