Skål International Bolivia 2019 Congress

Skål International La Paz hosts annual Congress.

The Skål International Clubs of Bolivia Annual Congress was organized by Skål International La Paz and the National Committee headed by President Blanca Muñoz. 

It was held at the Hotel Palacio de Sal from 6 - 8 December and was attended by 20 Skålleagues and accompanying persons from the three Bolivian Clubs (La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz), as well as distinguished guests such as Sergio Acuña, President Skål International Southern Area (Argentina); Rosario de Dellién, Vice-President Skål International Southern Area (Bolivia); Fernanda Ubaldini, Secretary Skål International Southern Area (Argentina); y Elva Figueredo, International Councillor Skål International Southern Area and President Skål International Tres Fronteras (Paraguay).