Santa and his team ‘might’ need help this Christmas!

During breakfast Santa and Mrs Clause were concerned about the state of the World and the Pandemic which is affecting the whole World with sickness, lockdowns and restrictions for travelling, shopping etc., and how it might affect Santa and his team regarding the distribution of ‘presents’ ready for Christmas morning.

They concluded that they might need some ‘emergency’ last-minute help, but how?

Santa then remembered that he had been visiting a group in Southampton for an early Christmas Lunch over the past 70 years and that they were involved with Travel and Tourism, also they had friends in similar groups all over the world… Bingo, with those contacts they could do a quick e-mail to those Clubs all over the world and everything could be put into operation with the flick of a switch!

Looking through his records he found the group was called… Skål International Southampton UK.

After some research, they decided to approach Southampton Club President Dieter to request they were put on stand-by ‘just in case’ things got a bit hectic… Dieter agreed.

Santa advised that ‘Special Santa Masks’ had to be worn at all times when on duty (see photos below), issued only to those chosen for this special task and have to be returned to Santa before the end of 2020.

These chosen helpers will be known as ‘Santa’s Special Forces’ and will be identified with these special masks.

To assist Santa in leading this new ‘Team’, Southampton Club President Dieter Schlieben will be in charge of all operations outside Lapland; Treasurer John Bright will ensure that all funds required for travel and feeding stations en-route are well funded; and Brian Chambers, Secretary, will be assisting with replying to all letters, post cards, e-mails and on-line requests for toys and gifts.

Other members of the Southampton Club Council with experience in ‘transport’ will make sure the sleigh will always be in good order and those in ‘hospitality’ will provide feeding stations for those wonderful reindeers! All other members and friends will assist as and when required acting as ‘elves’ and helpers in general.

This is a wonderful gesture that Mr & Mrs Clause have chosen Skål International to be their ‘partner’ during these difficult times, and we in Skål International Southampton are honoured to have been chosen to answer the call… if needed.

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy New Year from all at Skål International Southampton UK and Skål International the world over.      

Santa and his team ‘might’ need help this Christmas!
Showing the Special “Santa Masks that have been produced for this special occasion! from left to right; Flo and John Bright,(Treasurer) and Pat and Brian Chambers, (Secretary).
 Skål International Southampton Club President Dieter Schlieben and Brian Chambers. Skål International Southampton Club President Dieter Schlieben and Brian Chambers.