Richard Cohen talks at Skål International Bangkok business luncheon event

Richard Cohen talks on ‘Build Your Winning Team’ at Skål International Bangkok Business Luncheon Event at Hotel Nikko Bangkok.

James Thurlby, President of Skål International Bangkok, and the members of the Executive Committee, organized a business luncheon meeting with guest speaker Richard Cohen, CEO of The Lab and renowned personal coach, who gave a talk on how to build a successful team.

The event took place recently at the Nikko Bangkok Hotel, Thonglor, and was attended by owners and top executives of Thailand’s leading tourism organizations and celebrities with a warm welcome by Ted Kitahara, General Manager of the hotel.

From left to right: Michael Bamberg (Secretary of Skål International Bangkok), Pichai Visutriratana (Director of Events, Skål International Bangkok), Kanokros Wongvekin (Director of Public Relations, Skål International Bangkok), Max Ma (Memberships Director, Skål International Bangkok), Ted Kitahara (General Manager of Hotel Nikko Bangkok Thonglor), James Thurlby (President, Skål International Bangkok), Richard Cohen (CEO of The Lab), Earth Saisawang (President of Hotel's Marketing Communications Club of Thailand), John Neutze (Treasurer, Skål International Bangkok), Dr. Scott Smith (Young Skål Director, Skål International Bangkok), and Andrew J. Wood (Vice President 2, Skål International Bangkok).