New club Skål International Lucknow

The idea of bringing Skål International to Lucknow came to our President, Sunil B Satyawakta in March 2020 when he initiated correspondence with his friends the Skålleagues Sunil Kumar R and Vijay Mohan Raj at Skål International Hyderabad.

Unfortunately came in Covid and everything was put on hold.

This year in January once again with more vigor, Skålleagues Sunil B Satyawakta, Sukesh B Satyawakta, Anupam Shukla and Sharad Thadani got together to rekindle the idea. And this time the help in abundance came from an old friend of Sunil, Krishnan Gopalan, the National Secretary of Skål International India.

Keeping in mind the basic principles of Skål International, we started looking for friends from various verticals who were likeminded, professionals, friendly and more so into networking with tourism as priority. We decided that we will go slow and steady in adding/selecting members as our primary concern was quality members.

On 7th Jan 2022 we had our first virtual meeting with prospective members and Skålleague Krishnan on request joined to brief the initial few about Skål International.

We once again had a virtual meeting with prospective members on 22nd March 2022 and this time it was none other than President Carl Vaz himself and his team who addressed us.

And then on we got going with each member introducing friends to Skål International. Today we boast of having Skålleagues from various verticals like travel agents, hoteliers, resorts, tourism education, tour operators (both inbound and Outbound), etc.

It will not be out of place to mention that besides aiming to have more and more quality members from different verticals, we shall soon be going for Young Skålleagues.