Calabria tourism professionals promote their territory

The tourism professionals from Calabria bring together their skills to promote their territory to an international destination, thanks to Skål International.

On 20 November at 10.00 a.m., at the BV President Hotel in Rende (Calabria, South Italy) was held, the 1st Board Skål International Calabria, a new club belonging to the most prominent tourism association in the world, Skål International.

The event was a sell-out involving all the paramount tourism professionals in Calabria, who were very positively impressed by the mission of the club.

The Calabrian association intends to combine all the energies and the highest skills present on the territory, who wish to collaborate actively to create a single international tourist offer.

The Board was structured in two parts, the first of which involved some members of the Skål Calabria Dreamteam who illustrated the main mission clusters. Subsequently, the Board was opened to the professionals present, who could express their opinions and wish to support the initiative with projects, ideas, and visions.

The Dreamteam's report focused on the importance of belonging to the world's largest association, which is present in 102 countries with around 13,000 members.

It is precisely through twinnings among the various clubs that it is possible to open up channels for the promotion and development of tourism in Calabria directly without intermediaries and, above all, with a fast process guaranteed by membership of the same world tourism organisation. 

The main development clusters that Skål International Calabria proposes range from the creation of territorial districts managed by the same operators who work and live in the area to creating an Academy aimed at high-quality standards for professional training and updating.

In addition, the creation of a web platform managed by the territorial districts of Skål, a tool to take care of the territory, through sustainability and tourism, to create a precise mapping of the services and activities that will have to be present in the international offer, to break down the problems that currently emerge in the regional tourism promotion.

The event has been crucial and started a true dialogue process among the operators who, thanks to Skål International, will network and create different synergies to spread Calabrian Hospitality throughout the world